Land and site clearing requires careful planning in order to protect the health and safety of protected fauna and flora. We, at Trusty Tree Services, have the expertise and qualifications to provide all of your land clearing needs. We can advise you of any required council approval and help you complete the applications.

There are many reasons people require land and site clearing, including subdivisions, developments or they have a better use for the land. Land and site clearing involves the complete removal of trees from a property. Trusty Tree Services has a comprehensive range or tree removal services available in Sydney. This includes all aspects of land clearing from the large-scale removal of shrubbery and trees to onsite mulching and chipping.

We have cleared land for various purposes including hazard reduction, the preparation of a building site, subdivision clearing, firebreaks and civil engineering projects.

We only use state of the art machinery and follow industry best practices, in order to enable us to offer effective, cost-efficient, safe land clearing services. We have a commitment to the environment and an attention to detail that you won’t find with most of our competitors. We use extensive planning and advanced equipment to ensure soil erosion is minimized and the ground is not extensively disturbed.

Some of Our Other Services
Tree Trimming – Sometimes you just need a “little off the top” and that’s where our pruning and trimming services come in

Stump Removal – When you get rid of the main trunk and branches, all that’s left is a stump, for removal of stumps we offer grinding services.

Tree Mulching – If you want a freshly fertilised garden when you’re done simply ask us to get out the wood chipper and mulch your tree.

No Land Clearing Job Is Too Big!
We can handle any size land clearing job. At Trusty, we are experienced in providing service to residential and commercial customers, as well as public land clearing services.

No matter how bit the job, we focus on delivering exceptional results. We know how to clear land and our project completion record is stellar. We can’t list all of our successfully completed projects here, there’s just too many. However if you contact us, we’ll be glad to provide you with a record of our work and testimonials from satisfied customers.

One major part of our success is out 100 percent compliance to OH&S. Our employees are fully licensed and insured. These professionals are dedicated to being leaders the Sydney land clearing industry. From the top level of our company to the individual crew members, we have years of management and land clearing experience. This on-site expertise helps to ensure projects are completed properly and on time. we also ensure we have all relevant council approvals for the extraction process.

We do all of the work. We clear the land, mulch the timber, dispose of the green waste and grind the tree stump. We promise that when we are done with the job, the site we deliver will be neat and ready for development without delay. In short, we know what land clearing is, and it’s a job we do well.