Trusty offers tree mulching services. It can be performed as either a separate service to help you with disposing of dead wood that is on your property or to accompany our tree trimming or tree removal service.

After we have trimmed or removed a tree, all of the trunk discs or cut branches will be mulched. This will completely clear the area and provide you with tree mulch, which can be very useful. For those who prefer to cut your own brush or trees but don’t have the time or resources to dispose of your brush, we offer our brush chipping service on an hourly basis.

Our chip truck and brush chipper combinations ensures that whatever tree limbs or brush that you need to get rid of will be collected and removed promptly.

Mulch it Up
Mulch can provide you with many benefits. Some of them include the following, depending on what the nature of your mulch is:

Reduce the amount of water loss that is caused by the wind
Retain more moisture
Improve the soil’s texture
Prevent weeds from growing out plants or trees and complete for their resources
Prevent pests from reaching plant roots or the plants themselves
Protect plants and trees from extreme temperatures
Stimulation of beneficial soil organisms
Improve a garden’s aesthetics
The benefits are endless, as you can clearly see. It produces wood mulch which can be very useful in your garden, in addition to getting rid of unattractive piles of wood that are left from previous tree trimming or tree removal projects.

Other Arborist Services
Stump Grinding – Once you have a tree removed you can also opt for a stump grinding service to get rid of the remaining stump.

Land Clearing – Are you developing a property and need to clear the area for building? Our land clearance professionals can help you out.

Tree Pruning – Whether you need to reduce the cover of a tree or get rid of some dead branches, our tree trimming and pruning service will do just fine.

Why is it Good to Keep Mulch
Wood mulch is a type of organic mulch. It may be used for improving the looks and health of your garden and can make it more accessible as well.

The mulch gets spread around plants or tree to help facilitate their growth. It provides a protective layer against potential harmful factors such as the weather. Mulch can help to protect plants from strong winds and the damaging effects they can produce. Mulch can also help to protect against temperature changes, especially during the summer and winter. It also helps plants retain additional moisture and prevent them from losing the water that they need.

To achieve the best affect, it is recommended that the mulch be applied during the autumn or spring, when it is moist and warm enough. If you don’t have the right experience, the best thing to do is get assistance from a knowledgeable arborist, since if mulch is not applied correctly it can harm the plants and trees that you are trying to protect.

Other damaging factors may include weeds or insects. A layer of mulch can protect plants through suppressing weed growth and make it hard for insects to be able to reach the plant roots.

Mulch also helps to prevent soil erosion from occurring and can even help to improve the soil composition over time.

Mulch gives your garden a neat appearance in addition to helping your plants and trees grow and be healthy. It also helps to create pathways through gardens, which in places where there is wet soil can be particularly useful.