Complete tree removal isn’t an easy task, as it involves pulling out the stump and turning it into mulch. If you ignore it, the stump in going to rot in place, thus having a negative impact on your garden. Trusty is one of the best choices for tree stump removal in the United States.

The regular tree removal process doesn’t involve removing the stump. If you just cut the tree and leave its stump in the ground, it can attract pests and develop fungus. Poisoning the stump doesn’t help too much, as rotten wood is the perfect environment for termites and other bugs that feed on decaying plants. Besides, a stump may develop new growth, so you have to remove it completely, if you want to avoid further problems.

Tree stumps, even small ones, can be extremely dangerous. The main reason is that they attract fungi and termites. Besides, most of them grow new sprouts, creating even more problems. The removal of tree stumps is a surefire way of improving the look of your garden.

Our company has everything it needs to provide complete stump removal services in the United States, as well as in the surrounding areas. We have a wide range of stump grinding machines that can turn your useless stumps into mulch in no time. Our experienced team can help you get rid of all tree stumps in your garden, thus enabling you to re-turf, re-plant and re-design your landscape as you wish.

Our smallest equipment can fit a standard exterior door, and it is perfect for removing small stumps. Larger stumps can be easily removed, as well, with the help of our more powerful machines. Whatever the size of your stump, we have the perfect equipment to get you rid of it.

All we need for providing you a price quote is the diameter of your stump at ground level, no site visit being necessary.

Some Our Other Arbor Services
Land Clearances – We can remove all trees and shrubs by clearing land safely and professionally.

Tree Trimming – Removing only a small part of a tree can have a great effect on your garden and the tree itself, tree pruning is essential to maintaining the health of your garden

Tree Mulching – Make use of the tree and stump after it’s extracted, have us mulch the tree into usable wood chips.

Removing a stump isn’t complete without the reinstatement of the ground. We can help you with the removal of the grinding chips and with filling the remaining hole with sand. However, you have to be aware that this service is available at an additional price.

Root Chasing
Some stumps have very large roots, thus needing root chasing. This means grinding to 100-300 mm below the ground level. The cost for this service is calculated per square meter. It is only required when you want to replant something on site.

Stump Extract
Sometimes a Bobcat is needed to dig out and remove the stump. This Perth tree stump grinding process is available at an additional charge, and it is completely safe.

Limited Access Solutions
Our stump grinders can pass through small gates or narrow passages, so we can help you even in cases of limited access.