Formative Pruning
Young trees should be pruned at least once a year to help give them a strong direction for growth. These trees can be pruned to achieve their purpose: You can prune young trees to provide the maximum shade cover possible, as well as sculpt them to provide privacy especially at the edges or to provide a proper visual barrier. Although pruning mature trees may be possible, the venture is considerably more expensive than when done on young trees. Most gardeners find pruning mature/old trees stressing, hence would rather cut it off entirely.

Reduce Weight
Some trees tend to have more branches than the trunk can hold. This reduces the tree’s stability, which increases the risk of branches breaking off, or the tree falling off. Nonetheless, selective removal of branches on the tree crown reduces its density, hence reducing its weight and improving its overall stability. Reducing branches and leaf thickness also helps reduce competition for vital resources, such as sunlight. Sunlight is needed for photosynthesis, hence essential for the tree’s health and stability. Neglecting the tree may, however, lead to overcrowding or over-extended limbs. Pruning a tree selectively and judiciously not only reduces its structural load but also improves its aesthetics as well.

Our Other Tree Services

Wood Chipper Service – Give your garden a much needed growth spurt after your tree removal with our wood chipping and mulching service to turn your cut up tree into pure organic gold.

Land Clearing – If you need to clear your land of trees and shrubs, give us a call – we are quick and affordable.

Stump Grinder – While we are out removing your tree, also think about getting us to remove your tree stump and mulch it up.

All trees should occasionally be pruned to reduce the risk of dead branches falling off. Falling branches are a major risk to properties, animals, and people as well. Most of the dead branches and even trunks can be identified while pruning or inspecting the tree. Hiring an experienced and skilled person to prune the dead limbs off is however recommended. Proper inspection is however needed to know what caused the problem.

Selective Pruning
Careful pruning helps get rid of infected or dead branches, hence leaving only the healthy parts. This is vital especially for shade trees, or fruit producing trees for that matter. You, however, need to hire a certified and experienced arborist to help with the task.

How long does it take to prune trees?
This depends on the number of trees that require pruning and their size as well. Smaller trees can take at least 2 hours to be pruned, while many trees may need several days to complete.

When should I have my tree pruned?
Some of the key indicators that your tree needs pruning include dead limbs, overgrowth, or if the tree branches are infringing on your property. If the tree doesn’t produce as much fruit like it used to, some pruning may help correct the problem.

Why not remove the tree completely?
While this may be a viable option, this will leave your land uncovered, and also leads to permanent death. Always inquire with an arborist on the best solution to take.

Who should prune trees?
Although anyone can prune trees, it’s advisable to seek the services of a professional arborist. Certified arborists have the required equipment and technical knowledge needed to make an informed decision when pruning.